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Evolutionary Biologist

I have a childlike curiosity and enthusiasm with the natural world. I grew up in Michigan spending time chasing butterflies and frogs, fishing with family, and camping with friends. This turned into a lifelong passion for the outdoors.


After witnessing poison frogs in Panama and Costa Rica, my interests in understanding color evolution grew - why do we see so much variation in animals with warning coloration? My work has largely centered around the Strawberry Poison Frog (Oophaga pumilio), Dyeing Poison Frog (Dendrobates tinctorius), and Australian Brood Frogs (Pseudophryne) but I am interested in anything colorful.


Nature Photographer

Concurrently with this realization was a passion for the tropics and wanting to share my experiences with the world. My interests in photography blossomed into what would be as important to me as pursuing questions of the natural world. These experiences have taken me all over the world, and I hope to instill the passion I have into others through my research and photography.

Science communication is important to me, so I often will tell stories with my images and videos. I often find myself in places others rarely go, so if I can instill interest in these ecosystems, I can hope to contribute to their long-term protection.

I am a Canon shooter and generally specialize on macro photography, though my interests also include landscape and bird photography.

Travel Aficionado 

My hobbies revolve around the outdoors and travel. I love seeing the world which provides me inspiration for my own research and appreciation for what is out there.

I love visiting new countries and experiencing new cultures (I am a bit of a numismatist for foreign currencies). When I am not traveling abroad, I try to see as much of the United States as possible. In particular, I enjoy visiting the national parks and appreciating what is in our own backyard.

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