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Salamanders of the U.S.


Salamander diversity is highest in the U.S., but despite this, these animals are often poorly understood and rarely seen. I have begun a project to document as many species of U.S. salamanders as possible. This documentation, not only will highlight natural habitats of these species, but will also document them for the Meet Your Neighbours biodiversity project. Below is a list of American species. Highlighted species are those I've managed to find and photograph (click on the highlighted species to see the photos). This list will be updated as I add more species to the list. 21.0% (40 of 190 species) so far! Stay tuned!


Starred (*) species are those with higher IUCN designations greater than Least Concern (i.e., Vulnerable, Near Threatened, Threatened, Endangered, and Critically Endangered, and Extinct).



Ringed Salamander

Streamside Salamander*

Reticulated Flatwoods Salamander*

California Tiger Salamander*

Frosted Flatwoods Salamander*

Northwestern Salamander

Jefferson Salamander

Blue-spotted Salamander

Mabee's Salamander

Long-toed Salamander

Spotted Salamander

Barred Tiger Salamander

Marbled Salamander

Mole Salamander

Small-Mouthed Salamander

Eastern Tiger Salamander


Two-toed Amphiuma

One-toed Amphiuma*

Three-toed Amphiuma




Idaho Giant Salamander

Cope's Giant Salamander

California Giant Salamander

Pacific Giant Salamander


Greenhorn Mountains Slender Salamander

Desert Slender Salamander

California Slender Salamander

Fairview Slender Salamander

Inyo Mountains Salamander*

Hell Hollow Slender Salamander

San Gabriel Mountains Slender Salamander

Gabilan Mountains Slender Salamander

Gregarious Slender Salamander

San Simeon Slender Salamander

Sequoia Slender Salamander

Santa Lucia Mountains Slender Salamander

Garden Slender Salamander

Lesser Slender Salamander

Black-bellied Slender Salamander

Channel Islands Slender Salamander

Kings River Slender Salamander*

Relictual Slender Salamander

Kern Plateau Salamander*

Kern Canyon Slender Salamander*

Tehachapi Slender Salamander*

Plethodontidae Cont.

Oregon Slender Salamander*

Dark-sided Salamander

Northern Two-lined Salamander

Chamberlain's Dwarf Salamander

Salado Salamander*

Southern Two-lined Salamander

Three-lined Salamander

Junaluska Salamander*

Cascade Caverns Salamander*

Long-tailed Salamander

Cave Salamander

Many-ribbed Salamander

San Marcos Salamander*

Georgetown Salamander*

Texas Salamander*

Fern Bank Salamander

Dwarf Salamander

Texas Blind Salamander*

Blanco Blind Salamander

Barton Springs Salamander*

Grotto Salamander

Ouachita Streambed Salamander

Jollyville Plateau Salamander*

Comal Blind Salamander*

Valdina Farms Salamander

Oklahoma Salamander*

Georgia Blind Salamander*

Austin Blind Salamander*

Blue Ridge Two-lined Salamander

Berry Cave Salamander*

Tennessee Cave Salamander*

Spring Salamander

West Virginia Spring Salamander*

Four-toed Salamander

Mud Salamander

Red Salamander

Many-lined Salamander

Patch-nosed Salamander

Green Salamander*

Clouded Salamander*

Black Salamander*

Sacramento Mountains Salamander

Arboreal Salamander

Wandering Salamander*

Cumberland Dusky Salamander*

Seepage Salamander*

Apalachicola Dusky Salamander

Southern Dusky Salamander

Ouachita Dusky Salamander

Carolina Mountain Dusky Salamander

Plethodontidae Cont.

Spotted Dusky Salamander

Dwarf Black-bellied Salamander

Northern Dusky Salamander

Imitator Salamander

Shovel-nosed Salamander

Seal Salamander

Allegheny Mountain Dusky Salamander

Ocoee Salamander

Blue Ridge Dusky Salamander

Northern Pygmy Salamander

Flat-headed Salamander

Black-bellied Salamander

Santeetlah Dusky Salamander

Black Mountain Dusky Salamander

Pygmy Salamander

Ensatina Salamander

Limestone Salamander*

Mount Lyell Salamander

Shasta Salamander*

Red Hills Salamander*

Catahoula Salamander - EXTINCT

Western Slimy Salamander

Blue Ridge Gray-cheeked Salamander*

Ozark Salamander

Scott Bar Salamander*

Tellico Salamander

Caddo Mountain Salamander*

Chattahoochee Slimy Salamander

Cheoah Bald Salamander*

Atlantic Coast Slimy Salamander

Eastern Red-backed Salamander

White-spotted Slimy Salamander

Northern Zigzag Salamander

Dunn's Salamander

Northern Ravine Salamander

Del Norte Salamander*

Fourche Mountain Salamander

Northern Slimy Salamander

Southeastern Slimy Salamander

Valley and Ridge Salamander

Peaks of Otter Salamander*

Coeur d'Alene Salamander

Jordan's Salamander*

Cumberland Plateau Salamander

Kiamichi Slimy Salamander

Louisiana Slimy Salamander

Larch Mountain salamander*

South Mountain Gray-cheeked Salamander*

Southern Gray-cheeked Salamander

Mississippi Slimy Salamander

Plethodontidae Cont.

Northern Gray-cheeked Salamander

Jemez Mountains Salamander*

Cheat Mountain Salamander*

Ocmulgee Slimy Salamander

Rich Mountain Salamander*

Pigeon Mountain Salamander*

Cow Knob Salamander*

Ravine Salamander

Savannah Slimy Salamander

Sequoyah Slimy Salamander

Southern Red-backed Salamander

Shenandoah Salamander*

Big Levels Salamander*

Red-legged Salamander*

Siskiyou Mountains Salamander*

Southern Appalachian Salamander

Van Dyke's Salamander

South Carolina Slimy Salamander

Western Red-backed Salamander

Southern Zigzag Salamander

Shenandoah Mountain Salamander*

Webster's Salamander

Wehrle's Salamander

Weller's Salamander*

Yonahlossee Salamander


Alabama Waterdog*

Gulf Coast Waterdog

Neuse River Waterdog*


Dwarf Waterdog


Cascade Torrent Salamander*

Columbia Torrent Salamander*

Olympic Torrent Salamander*

Southern Torrent Salamander


Black-spotted Newt*

Striped Newt*

Eastern Newt

Rough-skinned Newt

Red-bellied Newt

Sierra Newt

California Newt


Southern Dwarf Siren

Northern Dwarf Siren

Lesser Siren

Greater Siren

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