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How to Keyword Photos

It's been a while since I posted in the blog, but I hope to get back to it more. I'm creating a series of videos on my Youtube channel which should hopefully provide some insight into the editing process to help you all with your own edits.

One of the most important things that photographers can do is keyword their photos in a program like Adobe Lightroom. If you take thousands of photos, as I do, finding one of your photos can be a challenge. By keywording, you can simply search for the subject you're interested in and all of your photos with the associated tags will pop up. This also is important for selling photos on stock agencies! If someone else is searching from Eastern Gray Tree Frog, you want to be sure that your photo of an Eastern Gray Tree Frog pops up in their search results.

I won't repeat what I put in the video as I'll post it below so that you can watch it yourself. But in my video, I say that you can download my keyword list from my website. So if you are looking for that list, you can click on the link below to download it for your own use. Enjoy!

JP Lightroom Keywords
Download TXT • 1.59MB


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