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Bosque R.J., J.P. Lawrence, R. Buchholz, G.R.N. Colli, J. Heppard, and B.P. Noonan. 2018. Diversity of warning signals and social interaction influences the evolution of imperfect mimicry. Ecology and Evolution

Lawrence, J.P., M. Mahony, and B.P. Noonan. Differential responses of avian and mammalian predators to phenotypic variation in Australian Brood Frogs. PLoS ONE 13 (4) e0195446.

Lawrence. J.P. and B.P. Noonan. 2018. Avian learning favors colorful, not bright, signals. PLoS ONE 13 (3): e0194279.

Lawrence, J.P. 2017. Hypsiboas cinerascens predation. Herpetological Review. 48 (2): 409.

Lawrence, J.P. 2017. Ineffectiveness of call surveys for estimating population size in a widespread Neotropical frog, Oophaga pumilio. Journal of Herpetology 51:52-57.

Lawrence, J.P. 2011. Oophaga pumilio (Strawberry Dart Frog) habitat use. Herpetological Review 42: 90.



Kelly, M.B.J., G. Taylor-Dalton, J.P. Lawrence, P.G. Byrne, and K.D.L. Umbers. Warning colors, camouflage, and decoys as tactics to enhance the survival of reintroduced southern corroboree frogs in the Australian Alps. Animal Conservation. In Review.

Lawrence, J.P. Differential responses to forest edges among populations in the Strawberry Poison Frog (Dendrobatidae: Oophaga pumilio). Phyllomedusa. In Review

In Prep


Lawrence, J.P., B. Rojas, A. Fouquet, J. Mappes, A. Blanchette, R.A. Saporito, R.J. Bosque, E.A. Courtois, and B.P. Noonan. Weak warning signals can persist in absence of gene flow. In prep. Anticipated submission in summer 2018.

Lawrence, J.P. and G.R. Urquhart. Demographic responses in a population of the Strawberry Poison Dart Frog (Oophaga pumilio) after the addition of artificial rearing sites. In prep. Anticipated submission in summer 2018.

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